ROR Developer

Ruby on Rails, often referred as ROR, is a best known open-source framework that is extensively used for building database driven web apps. ROR is one of the best platforms to develop cloud-ready applications. It is time saving as it is quicker to build Application.

Using ROR, we can build and launch a prototype application in an extremely short time. Compared to projects developed using ASP, JSP or PHP, we are able to attain a much higher level of productivity with Rails

ROR development has three in-built mechanisms, which make it one of the fastest application development platforms, available today. They are known as convention over configuration (CoC), don’t repeat yourself (DRY), and active record pattern.

Benefits with ROR development services:

  1. Easy and Faster Development.
  2. Errors are quickly reported and fixed during programming. This way high code quality is ensured.
  3. Integrated javascript framework – Create interactive interfaces.

Why BigPerl is the perfect choice for ROR development?

  1. Flexible in Client’s Requirements.
  2. Experience Hands-on on ROR Development.
  3. Fast, Cost-effective and On-Time Project Delivery.

Mostly Used Technologies

Mostly Used Technologies